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Welcome to your comprehensive source for all things PNG education news! This page serves as your gateway to the latest developments, announcements, and updates impacting the education landscape in Papua New Guinea. Whether you’re a student, parent, educator, or simply interested in the future of education, this platform is designed to keep you informed and engaged.

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  • Comprehensive Coverage: We delve into various aspects of PNG education, including:
    • Examinations: Stay informed about upcoming exam dates, registration processes, and important announcements for national examinations, university entrance exams, and more.
    • Selections: Get the latest updates on student selection processes for universities, colleges, and National High Schools.
    • Universities & Colleges: Explore news related to admissions, academic programs, faculty changes, and other developments at universities and colleges across PNG.
    • Education Policies: Gain insights into the latest government policies impacting education, including curriculum changes, funding allocations, and teacher training initiatives.
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This platform is not just a news aggregator. We aim to foster a community of informed individuals who can engage in meaningful discussions about the future of education in PNG. We offer the following features to facilitate this:

  • Discussion Forum: Share your thoughts, questions, and concerns about PNG education in our dedicated forum. Connect with other users, educators, and stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue.
  • Expert Insights: We regularly feature interviews with education experts, researchers, and policymakers who provide valuable insights and analysis on current issues.
  • Resources: Access a curated selection of resources, including scholarship opportunities, educational websites, and helpful guides for students and parents.

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We understand the importance of staying informed about education in PNG. This platform is driven by a commitment to:

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