Education Department Launches “My School Application” for Teacher Training and Data Management

Last month, a training application called “My School Application” was launched in East New Britain’s Gazelle district, specifically for head teachers. The initiative was developed by the Education Department’s standard and inspection division to help schools in data collection and information storage.

According to Gazelle education coordinator Mortan Luaina, all schools in the country, including elementary, primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions, can use the application. It aims to enter data and store essential information for each school online. The information can only be accessed through the school codes provided by the Department of Education.

The implementation of this application is a significant step towards digital transformation in education. The application is especially useful in determining funding for school development based on the number of students enrolled.

To facilitate the online application, all elementary schools and 130 primary schools in the district were provided with smartphones. The head teachers were trained by experts to use the application online, and education coordinators will facilitate the training.

Furthermore, the inspectors are responsible for ensuring that the correct information is sent to the specific schools in their respective areas. This application will significantly improve the data management system and streamline the process for schools to access funding for their development.

The launch of the “My School Application” is a commendable effort by the Education Department towards digitizing education in Papua New Guinea. The teachers, students, and parents in the Gazelle district look forward to reaping the benefits of this innovative solution.

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