Do Not Sell Your Votes: Tondop

Deputy Commander for Highlands East Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop encouraged the people of Simbu to not sell their votes. Mr Tondop said this during the Joint Security Task Force (JSTF) awareness on violence free, fair, and peaceful 2022 National General Election in Kundiawa, recently.
He urged them to think about their future, and that of their children, and elect leaders who are selfless and will put the interest of the people first.
“I appeal to everyone to sit with your families or communities and discuss who the best leader is. Never let anyone influence you. You know what kind of services you need at the village level so choose someone who can bring services,” he said. 
“Election is not something to play around with. Election will change this country and the future of your kids. Other countries are developed because of strong leadership. We have everything in our country and only need good leadership to manage these resources for better lifestyles,” Mr Tondop said.
Mr Tondop reassured the people of Simbu Province that the security forces are ready to make sure this election is transparent. 
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