Disgruntled PNG Police Applicants Allege Unfair Screening Process for Regular Recruits

Shortlisted applicants for regular recruitment in the PNG police force are voicing their concerns about the ongoing screening process at the Rita Lynn Courts. Many of these applicants claim that the screening panels are biased and inconsistent in their assessments, leading to unfair disqualifications.

Today, some of the aggrieved applicants gathered at the EMTV office to share their grievances. Among them was Janet Kia, who was turned away after screening because she did not have an NID card with her. Janet presented a copy of the receipt for her paid NID card, which is still being processed at the National Identification Office. However, she was immediately dismissed by the panel for not having the physical card.

Janet explains that while some applicants have ID cards, others do not. She says that they were informed by officers at the NID office that they could prove their birth date by providing an ID card, birth certificate, driver’s license, passport-sized photo, or any of those documents. However, when some applicants brought their NID cards, the screening panels asked for their birth certificates instead. Even when some applicants brought their birth certificates, they were told to come back with their NID cards.

All of these shortlisted regular recruit applicants allege that they were unfairly disqualified because of the screening panel’s indecisiveness on the required documents, especially NID cards and birth certificates. The inconsistent screening process has left the applicants feeling frustrated and discouraged, as they fear it may hinder their chances of joining the police force.

Despite several attempts to get comments from the police hierarchy, there has been no response yet. Many of the applicants are calling for more transparency and clarity from the screening panels. They hope that their concerns will be addressed soon so that the recruitment process can proceed fairly and smoothly.

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