DHERST Announces Online Selection for Non-School Leavers (2024 NSL Selection 2025 Intake)

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – The Papua New Guinea Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) announced a major shift in admissions procedures for non-school leavers (NSLs) seeking university or college enrollment. Starting in 2024, applications for the 2025 academic year will be conducted entirely online through the National Online Selection System (NOSS) and National Online Application System (NOAS).

This move marks a significant shift from the past, where NSL applications were handled individually by each institution, raising concerns about transparency and consistency. The online platform is expected to streamline the process and provide a fairer playing field for aspiring PNG adults seeking higher education.

“The integration of non-school leavers into NOSS and NOAS is envisioned to streamline the selection process while upholding principles of transparency, efficiency, and accountability,” stated DHERST Minister Hon. Don Polye in a press release.

The new online system promises several key benefits for NSLs. Standardized selection criteria will be established, ensuring a more objective evaluation process. Additionally, designated quotas for NSLs will guarantee a set number of spots in universities and colleges across the country. Finally, the online platform will simplify application procedures, making it easier for NSLs to navigate the admissions process.

According to DHERST, the anticipated process for NSLs in 2024 will involve:

  • Nomination by Centers of Distance Education (CDES): These centers will play a crucial role in identifying eligible applicants, such as those who completed Grade 12 outside the traditional school system or those seeking to improve their previous results.
  • Online Application and Selection: Nominated students will receive invitations to apply online. They can choose up to five programs with designated NSL quotas, along with back-up choices.
  • National Admission Pool: Following selection, NSLs will be placed in a national pool for universities and colleges to consider for admission.

This online admissions system is a positive step towards a more equitable and transparent higher education landscape for PNG’s non-school leavers. It signifies a commitment to creating a more accessible and streamlined application process, paving the way for a brighter future for adult learners seeking to pursue their academic ambitions.

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