Grade 11 National Selection 2024: Department of Education Announces Selection Dates

The Department of Education, through the General Education Services Division, has officially communicated the dates for the Grade 11 National Selection for the 2024 academic year. In a circular directed to Provincial Education Advisors, Head Masters/Principals of High/Secondary/National High Schools, and Guidance Officers, the selection is scheduled to occur from the 4th to the 8th of December 2023.

The circular, signed by Mr. Benny Rayappan ML, Chairperson of Grade 11 National Selections, General Education Services Division, outlines essential details for the upcoming online selection process. Emphasis is placed on the importance of a prompt completion of the selection task, stating that it should not exceed a day or two for all principals.

The schedule for this year’s Grade 11 National Selection is as follows:

  • National Schools of Excellence Grade 11 Selections: December 4th – 5th (Two Days Only)
  • All Provincial Secondary Schools Grade 11 Selections: December 6th – 8th (Three Days Only)

The online selection process aligns with the previous year’s methodology, as detailed in Secretary’s Circular #3/2020. Principals of Secondary Schools and National Schools of Excellence (NSOE) are designated as part of the selection panel and are required to have laptops with internet connectivity.

Selection venues are specified in the circular – the Diowai Conference Room at the Port Moresby National School of Excellence for GES, MSD, GD, ICT Technical Team, and NSOE Principals. For provinces, recommended venues in provincial capitals, in collaboration with principals of secondary schools and guidance officers, are mentioned.

The circular underscores the responsibility of guidance officers and a nominated principal for the entire Provincial Secondary Schools’ Grade 11 Selection. Principals are instructed to bring all relevant details, including the total number of students to be selected, boarding spaces, and gender requirements. Grade 10 SLFS E-Copies are mandated, and manual copies will not be accepted.

To facilitate the online selection, principals will receive passwords, internet data, links, and regional hotline/help desk information by the 5th of December 2023.

The announcement concludes with instructions for students selected to NSOE, who will be required to travel to their respective schools. Top academic students are designated to pursue the STEM curriculum at NSOE, with a reminder for the SLF (School Leaver Forms) to reach GES by November 2023.

This Grade 11 National Selection circular aims to ensure a streamlined and efficient process, ultimately shaping the academic landscape for the upcoming year. The Department of Education encourages all relevant stakeholders to adhere to the outlined guidelines for a successful selection process.

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