Citizens Demand Sacking and Deportation of Justin Tkatchenko PNG Foreign Affairs Minister

In a show of solidarity, University of Papua New Guinea students held a peaceful protest in Port Moresby yesterday demanding the immediate sacking and deportation of Justin Tkatchenko PNG Foreign Affairs Minister. Ordinary citizens joined the students in their protest, which was prompted by Tkatchenko’s derogatory comments about Papua New Guineans being “useless” and “primitive animals.”

Maxi Imbui, the Chairman of the Momase Students who spoke on behalf of the protesting students, made a call to Prime Minister James Marape to sack Tkatchenko immediately.

“Without the respect, he has for us, the respect we gave him, this call is on the government with the Prime Minister, the National Executive Council, and Ombudsman Commission to take action and sack the PNG Foreign Minister” Imbui said.

The PNG Think Tank group Chief Executive Officer Samson Komati supported the call for Tkatchenko’s sacking and deportation, citing his comments as disrespectful against Papua New Guineans. The students have given the Prime Minister 24 hours to respond to their demands, failing which they have threatened to stage another protest on Monday afternoon.

The peaceful protest was attended by a large number of students who braved the rain and chanted slogans against the Foreign Affairs Minister. The comments made by Tkatchenko have caused outrage on social media, and the students are determined to see him removed from office. It remains to be seen how the Prime Minister will respond to this call for action.

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