Cannibals of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a beautiful country north of Australia, to the west is West Papua (under Indonesia) and to the east is the independent state of Papua New Guinea

It’s a big country in the Pacific. Now, you are here because you want to know about the Cannibals of Papua New Guinea. So let me tell you.

Are there Cannibals in PNG?

The answer is no. Trust me, no human is ever seen eaten alive when they venture on Papua New Guinea trips.

At present day, there is a preconceived idea that there are cannibals in PNG.

In fact, many of the articles are fake news. The articles about cannibals in PNG proliferated by major online websites do not have the right facts and are completely misleading.

The news about cannibalism in PNG has caught the attention of many naïve readers. 

The online stories had been sensationalised to attract readers. But, these stories had painted a wrong picture of the country.

Online news about cannibals in PNG

Many international visitors to PNG can attest to the fact that the articles on cannibals in PNG do not present the correct information.

Often, the stories were retold based on social media posts or by writers who lack an understanding of Papua New Guinea. 

In fact, many of these stories are not only fake news but also complemented by outdated images.

Therefore, any online news outlet that runs stories on cannibals in PNG in the 21st century must not, just, base their stories on social media posts or fake stories.

Fake Stories of Cannibals in PNG

It is important that the online media, both international and local media, must establish their facts and sources of stories properly before publishing.

The article titled Korowai People of Papua New Guinea (2017,2009) is a clear example of misinformation. 

The article said less about the indigenous skill and ability of the people to build houses on stilts and more about cannibalism. These articles showed recent photo evidence of a stilt house and none of the Korowai eating human flesh!

Korowai are not Papua New Guineans

Korowai tree house
IMAGE: @Whistling Spear

Furthermore, the people of Korowai are not Papua New Guineans. They are from the West Papua in Indonesia. And, they are not cannibals either.

Another fake article was titled Cannibals on Kokoda (2016). It receives wide online coverage because the couple in the news nearly died whilst walking Kokoda unprepared, and blamed it on the locals. This was a trip that could have ended up in disaster because the couple was stupid.

So, next time some idiots with limited knowledge of geography and the world tell you about the Korowai or Cannibals of Papua New Guinea, tell them to FO.

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