BSP PaySecure App Provides Customers with Secure and Convenient Banking

The Bank of South Pacific (BSP) announced the launch of its new PaySecure App on Monday, 10th April, 2023. The app replaces Internet Banking tokens and provides customers with a more secure and convenient way of transacting.

BSP customers can download the app via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The BSP PNG PaySecure App generates an authentication code that enables transactions to be completed securely while using the BSP PNG App and BSP Internet Banking. The app turns your mobile phone or tablet into a One Time Password (OTP) generator, which generates a unique OTP valid for 30 seconds each time the app is used. A new OTP is generated once the time has lapsed.

“BSP provides its customers with secure means of transacting. Our BSP PNG PaySecure App is a safe and secure way of transacting, making it a must-have for all our customers,” said the bank’s spokesperson.

To log onto the BSP PNG PaySecure App, customers must be existing BSP customers and/or have been issued a username and password to register for BSP PNG PaySecure. After logging in with these credentials, customers need to create a 4-digit PIN that they will always use to access the app. Once the registration process is completed, customers can use the app to make secure transactions. BSP reminds customers to log out after completing their transactions.

The new PaySecure App aims to provide BSP customers with enhanced security and convenience. Customers can contact the BSP Customer Call Centre via phone (+675)70301212 or email for any queries related to the app.

BSP’s new PaySecure App is expected to benefit thousands of customers who are looking for a more secure and convenient way of transacting. With the increasing number of digital transactions, the app provides a timely solution for BSP customers.

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