Bhosip Kaiwi Found Guilty of His Wife’s Death

Port Moresby, PNG – In a landmark decision, the Waigani National Court has finally reached a verdict, finding Bhosip Kaiwi guilty of causing the death of his wife, Jenelyn Kennedy, three years ago. This case sheds light on the grave issue of domestic violence, abuse, and murder within marriages, emphasizing that such acts have no place in Papua New Guinea society.

Despite strong arguments from Kaiwi’s defence lawyer claiming the lack of direct evidence provided by the State to prove Kaiwi’s involvement in Kennedy’s death, Acting Judge Laura Wawun-Kuvi delivered the verdict this afternoon. The judge stated that the court was entirely convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Kaiwi was responsible for the untimely demise of Kennedy.

Consequently, the judge pronounced Kaiwi guilty, marking a significant step towards justice for the victim and her grieving family. The court will now proceed with determining the appropriate sentence for Kaiwi in the upcoming weeks, considering the pre-sentence report and other essential documents presented.

The charges against Kaiwi revolve around allegations of torture and assault inflicted upon his 19-year-old wife, Jenelyn Kennedy, between June 18 and 23, 2020, which tragically resulted in her death. This harrowing case serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to combat domestic violence and protect individuals within marriages from any form of abuse.

Papua New Guinea stands united in condemning such heinous acts, emphasizing that every citizen deserves safety, respect, and dignity within their own homes. It is imperative for society, law enforcement agencies, and the judicial system to collaborate in addressing this issue effectively and preventing future occurrences of domestic violence. Let us strive for a future where love, compassion, and equality thrive, eliminating the shadows of abuse and violence that plague our communities.

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