Belinda Manning Appointed to PNG Ports Corporation Limited Board of Directors

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea — In an important move, Belinda Manning has been chosen as the first female member of the PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) Board of Directors. This decision was announced on September 20 by the National Executive Council (NEC) and is a significant step toward achieving gender diversity and equality in the business world of Papua New Guinea.

Belinda Manning was officially sworn in at the PNG Ports head office on Tuesday, October 10, before Magistrate Seth Tanei. The event was attended by notable guests and colleagues, highlighting the growing importance of gender diversity in corporate leadership roles.

This notable appointment will have Belinda Manning serving on the Board for a period of three years. She joins a group of Directors that includes Chairman Harvey Nii, along with fellow board members Joe Holloway, George Gware, Glen Darnley-Stuart, and Maxwell Paiya. Their combined knowledge and viewpoints are expected to improve the strategic direction and management of PNG Ports.

Belinda Manning’s appointment is a personal achievement and a milestone for gender inclusivity in an industry traditionally dominated by men. Her qualifications and professional experience make her a suitable candidate for this esteemed role. Her entry into the boardroom represents progress towards gender equality and opens the door for more women to hold leadership positions in Papua New Guinea’s business sector.

This significant development has been recognized by various organizations, including Post Courier News, which reported on the event. It demonstrates a shift towards recognizing and valuing diverse perspectives and backgrounds in decision-making processes.

Belinda Manning’s family has a strong connection to Papua New Guinea, and her background brings a unique perspective to her new role. Her father, Michael Manning, was an Australian-born Papua New Guinean economist who arrived in PNG in 1975. He played a significant role in the anti-corruption campaign and served as the Chairman of Transparency International from 2003 to 2008.

Interestingly, Michael Manning’s son, David Manning, has been the 19th Police Commissioner since 2020, creating another family connection to crucial leadership positions in the country.

Mike Manning’s contributions to anti-corruption efforts and governance in Papua New Guinea were commendable, and his legacy lives on through his family. Belinda Manning’s appointment to the PNG Ports Board of Directors serves as a testament to the Manning family’s commitment to the betterment of the nation.

Belinda Manning’s appointment is expected to encourage more gender-diverse boards in the corporate sector, contributing to the overall development and progress of Papua New Guinea. It represents a significant step towards greater inclusivity and is a proud moment for the nation’s business community and women aspiring to leadership roles.

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