Top Latest PNG Music Hits Now ON REPEAT (YAMA DAGUA, TONTON MALELE and O-Shen)

Three PNG Music Artists are hitting the Youtube channels by storm. Many latest PNG Music Fans are having these 3 hit songs on repeat – see the comments. But first, the top 2023 top music video hits on repeat, now trending.

Here are 2023 Top Music Hits Now ON REPEAT on YouTube.


ALFIE DU ft. BIG OZZ (3Dise) x TUHIANA x BEEJOH’s new collab YAMO DAGUA. 
  • Produced by Brenz
  • Recorded @Dawgside Records
  • Performed by ALFIE DU_BIG OZZ (3Dise)_TUHIANA_BEEJOH
What PNG Music fans said about YAMA DAGUA Latest 2023 PNG Music Hits
  • My wife likes this song it’s on repeat every day
  • On repeat, yay! Skel skel
  • BEST – 2023 NEW GUINEA LOCAL.. Tarvin is Back…
  • Aiiii nangu turu ya volume pleas
  • Nice song tasol tokples eh mix nambat ya, west coast kam central sepik na wara wantaim.

2) Tonton Melele

Pikinini Niu Ailan – Tonton Malele & Nene Morus (feat. Jayrex Suisui)
  • Song Pikinini Niu Ailan (feat. Nene Morus & Jayrex Suisui)
  • Artist Tonton Malele
  • Album Pikinini Niu Ailan (feat. Nene Morus & Jayrex Suisui)
Top comments Tonton Melele Pikinini Niu Ailan
  • Congratulations tripla bata, I admire how you threes are breaking barriers in the music industries. You guys have made it, you are doing it and you will do it. This shows the special gift that young people of New Ireland carries within themself. To my brothers out there continue to shine in whatever little ways you can to show that we can do it. Kalaro in Lavangai means thankyou.
  • Living in Auz but we are proud of our music from home Png and the pacific islands! Next level yah!!…Sing about our islands , our people, our stories!
  • I’m not from New Ireland, but me pilim osem me pikinini karanas after this song
  • Bro Tonton you have very unique style with your music style as well as your singing style. Thank you for for all those music 🎶  it’s always bringing extra energy ✨ 🙌. Listening all the way from Kalamazoo Mi.

3) O-Shen

O-SHEN – The Rock (Temoananui) 2023

  • Written by: Deandre Bradshaw & Jason Hershey
  • Produced by: Robert Suhako & Tripp Wilson
  • Song: The Rock (Temoananui)
  • Artist: O-Shen
Official Video
What O-shen fans said about the song
  • Beautiful song. The fact that Tok Pisin is in the lyrics nearly throughout the whole song gives an impression of how deeply rooted you are as a Pacific Islander. Mangi Solwara yu stap. Nogat narapela bai surukim yu. #mangiKumul
  • Yessah Braddah…O-shen…u always play them ono.island vibes… Mahalo..n keep it coming
  • I hear you barata Oshen! Strongim tumbuna pasin na lukautim mama graun.
  • The voice brings back memories of good old days. The Lyrics are so poetic and well written and produced. Such a lovely song
  • So amazing! Island vibes indeed🌊🏝 🌊 I love this music… it is very relaxing… Bless you man O-Shen Official!
2023 Top Latest PNG Music Hits Now ON REPEAT April 2023 (YAMA DAGUA AND TONTON MALELE & O-SHEN The Rock (Temoananui)

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