2023 Non-school leavers acceptance list: UPNG, UOG, UNRE, PAU, DWU and UNITECH

UoG 2023 Application Form PDF

 The University of Goroka (UoG) publishes its yearly students’ application forms on its website around the 3rd quarter of each academic year. The UoG application forms are for applicants in the following categories: non-school leavers, postgraduates, international students, PNG Students studying overseas and discontinued students.

If you are a potential student wanting to apply to UoG in the future, bookmark this page. UoG has made available the following application forms for 2023 students intake: 

2023 UPNG Acceptance Lists: Non-school Leavers and School Leavers

The UPNG acceptance lists are in two parts. Firstly, the non-school leavers apply for a placing through the university. That means that UPNG (the university) does and the selection and publishes it on its website.

Secondly, the school leavers applications are through the department of higher education, DHERST. Therefore, the Grade 12 school leavers list for all tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea, including UPNG intakes, is the work of DHERST.

University links to 2021 non-school leavers application form

The 2021 non-school leavers’ application forms for the 6 PNG universities (UPNG, UoG, Unitech, DWU, UNRE and PAU) are downloadable in PDF format. Click on the links to get more information about the NSL application forms for the six PNG universities.

  1. Divine Word University (DWU) Madang
  2. PNG University of Technology (UNITECH) Lae
  3. Pacific Adventist University (PAU)
  4. University of Goroka (UoG), E.H.P
  5. University of Papua New Guinea Port Moresby
  6. University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE)

If you want to find out about  2021 Non-School Leavers Application Listings for ALL universities in PNG, check out this CHECKLIST OF ACCEPTANCE LIST 2023 ALL PNG UNIS.

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